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The cost of a foundation repair can vary depending on the type of solution and the level of complexity involved in your particular project. You can be assured you'll get quality work that solves the problem permanently, at a competitive price without LAN proposing an "over-the-top" plan to the actual problem at hand. Your solution will be determined by your specific foundation or concrete issue, with no unnecessary "bells and whistles". (carefully assess the problem)

LAN will never propose a more expensive solution than the issue actually warrants and we will not give you a "band aid" solution either. Our goal is to do it correctly the first time and to fix it permanently!

We adhere to the belief that good solid work benefits our customers as well as our own company. We want our customers to tell their friends about us which is why we take pride in our quality work, professionalism and customer service.

We don't just "talk the talk" of quality work, we back ours with a limited warranty! You'll be secure in the knowledge that we have the skill, expertise, and specialized equipment to permanently solve your foundation/concrete problem as economically as possible.

Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate. Call and make an appointment for a free foundation evaluation today!

Our FREE estimates are in writing following an on-site assessment by one of our qualified foundation specialists who can size up the overall picture of your foundation issue to determine the best technical and economical solution to permanently solve your foundation problem - restoring stability and value to your home or commercial property.

Repairing the foundation is worth the cost.

The decision to fix a foundation problem with a permanent solution is the smart investment in your home or commercial property. A foundation issue gets worse with time and can cause serious and more costly damage as time never "gets better" on its own.

When you start seeing cracks on the outside or on inside walls, a cosmetic patch does nothing to fix the underlying problem. When you see these signs, it's a clear indication that an unstable foundation is causing the building to shift. Cracks are actually "hinges" or "relief points" in a foundation. Sometimes they're small and sometimes they're quite prominent. Usually, the problem is not where the crack appears, movement somewhere else on the foundation has caused it. Sticking windows and doors, bowing walls, and crack issues will just continue to get worse until the soil beneath your home or commercial property's foundation is addressed to restore stability and value.

Almost every property will be sold at some time. The typical buyer won't be interested in buying a home or commercial building with foundation problems. Sticking doors and windows can be a serious safety issue. Catching a foundation problem before it becomes extreme protects your property's resale value.

Rebuild or Replace the foundation?

It may seem like your foundation is beyond repair, but in many cases, this may not be necessary! It is however, to your advantage to fix the problem before it causes further damage.

We know it's smart to address your foundation issue, but demolition and construction of a new one may not be the only answer. Each structure has a unique problem and needs a customized solution. Most foundation problems can have a simple and permanent fix. Let the experts at LAN come up with an economical solution to your foundation or concrete issue.

Replacing your foundation is an expensive, messy, and time-consuming process, BUT, if it doesn't address the soil around the building, the underlying problem has NOT been permanently solved!

If you'd like to solve your foundation problem permanently, you'll first have to know what's needed for your unique foundation issue. LAN will devise a customized plan for your home or commercial property. Each of our solution plans is based on time-honored procedures and meet or exceed construction standards.

We prefer to fix the underlying soil issue, whether it's from soil expansion, settlement, frost or other forces, for a permanent solution to your foundation issue.

Why should I fix it?

- The problem will only get worse as time goes on and be more and more costly to fix
- Resale value, a stable foundation = a more "attractive" property to a buyer
- Appearance, no ugly cracks on the exterior of the property, and inside
- Safety, ensures proper operation of windows and doors
- Bad foundations can make some spaces unusable
- Keep pests out! Keep out those uninvited insects and animals getting in through cracks

LAN has the capability of fixing foundation and structural problems:
-bowing and leaning walls
-settling of light structures like decks, porches, and breezeways
-settling of large homes and commercial properties
-bad retaining walls
-settling supports in crawl spaces

Using a combination of helical piles, tie-backs, push piers, I-beams and StabilSTRAP solutions! Let LAN come up with a customized solution for your particular foundation problem. Don't settle for anything less! We have the training and knowledge to take care of your foundation issue properly and permanently the first time.

LAN has the capability of fixing foundation and structural problems: -bowing and leaning walls -settling of light structures like decks, porches, and breezeways -settling of large homes and commercial properties -bad retaining walls -settling supports in crawl spaces