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How much is a foundation assessment?

Totally FREE! LAN will conduct an on-site assessment of the foundation of your home or commercial property and devise a solution that suits your needs, at absolutely no-risk, no-obligation.

How much will it cost to fix my foundation problem?

Well, that really depends. If a foundation repair is warranted, LAN will assess the situation and come up with the best technical and economical solution using a combination of techniques suited to your unique foundation issues. We'll provide you with a plan of attack in writing for your peace of mind.

Do you have references?

We'll be happy to supply local references of projects similar to yours so you can see for yourself that we stand behind our work.

What can I expect when LAN works on my foundation?

Everyone at LAN strives to answer all your questions from the very start. If you don't see the answer to a question you have on your mind in this section, please, don't hesitate to ask any of our team members before, during or after the job! We want our customers to feel secure and have peace of mind before they invest in any foundation or concrete work.

What happens if I put off a foundation repair for a few years?

When foundation issues appear, they don't fix themselves. The longer you wait to repair the problem, the larger and potentially more costly it becomes. Your home or commercial property is a huge investment. Protect it from further damage.

Will my home (or commercial bldg) be perfectly straight when you're done with my foundation fix?

LAN strives to realign your building as close to it's original position as possible. Depending on the way your home reacts to the technique used to restore it, it may not be absolutely perfect when the job is done, but that is our ultimate goal. We would not recommend realignment at all if we feel that procedure would cause further damage to the building structure itself. The end goal is ALWAYS stabilizing and making sure your home has proper support.

If I see cracks before LAN repairs my foundation, will they still be there when my home is realigned?

LAN will repair exterior cracks after we've repaired the foundation problem. Remember, if there are mortar cracks, new mortar patches may not match the original exactly until it's weathered a while. Depending on your unique foundation problem, some of the cracks that have occurred my not be completely closed - but again, we strive for the original alignment position!

What will my yard and landscaping look like when the foundation work is completed?

All excavation work will be backfilled, tamped and smoothed unless specified in your contract. In some cases soil may have to be mounded over to ensure soil settles back to the original grade. Further manipulation may be required.

Unfortunately, we are not landscapers. It will be up to you to move plants and return them to their original locations, but we do not guarantee their survival. If you have any concerns, we suggest calling a professional landscaper.

Depending on your exterior drainage situation, your lawn may be dug up.

What if LAN has to dig up a portion of my driveway, walkway or patio to fix my foundation?

If we have to pull up a portion of your concrete to fix your foundation issue, we'll restore that section after completion. Keep in mind the color of the new concrete may not match the existing until it's had a chance to weather in. We've got plenty of concrete experience and we stand behind our work!